Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do you deliver?
We are located inside Sunbanks Resort on the north end of Banks Lake, but we also deliver to several other lakes and launches. Some of these include Steamboat Rock State Park and Spring Canyon on Lake Roosevelt. When we can , we deliver further away to locations such as Two Rivers, Fort Spokane, 7 Bays, as well as Keller Ferry (we do have a three day minimum for these locations). We also do delivers to resorts on Blue Lake including Laurents, Blue Lake Resort, and Coulee Lodge. On occasion, we have delivered to other areas so be sure to give us a call.

Where do we get gas?
Depending on where we launch you from, we will go over details on refueling. If there is no fuel near we can leave pre-filled gas cans if prior arrangements are made and you have a safe place to store the extra fuel.

Where do we meet at?
If you are coming to us at Sunbanks Resort, we are located next to the boat launch in our rental shack click here to see our map. If we are meeting you at another location for delivery, we will meet you at the boat launch 15 minutes prior to your rental start time.

Do I have to trailer the watercraft?
No, we trailer and launch our watercraft so all you have to do is meet us at a boat launch.

Does the rental come with life vests?
Yes, every rental comes with the number of life vests that the boat is rated for. We will fit each person for a life vest at the rental shack, if we are delivering then please be sure to specify the sizes needed prior to your rental date.

How old do I have to be to rent or operate the watercraft?
To rent and operate either the ski boats or pontoon boats, you must be at least 21 years old with a valid driver's license. To rent the jet skis you must be at least 18 years old with a valid driver's license and to operate the jet skis you must be at least 18 years old with a valid driver's license.

Am I required to have a boater's license?
No, while Washington State does have a boating license law, you are exempt from this law when you rent. We will provide each driver with a temporary boater's card that will give you a license to operate the watercraft for your rental period.

How many people do your boats hold?
Our ski boats are rated for anywhere from 7 to 8 passengers depending on the watercraft. The pontoon boats are rated from 10 to 13 passengers. Our jet skis can hold either 2 adults or 1 adult with 2 small children. To see our selection of boats for rent and their capacities visit our pricing page.

What condition are the boats in?
We go through our boats each year in the off-season making sure they are properly working and to not allow them to become run down, like some rental companies do. We strip out all upholstery that needs attention, even if it is just a minor fix, and we take them all in to a professional upholster. To see pictures of our actual boats visit our pricing page.

Can we ski or tube behind the boats or jet skis?
You can tube, ski, and wakeboard behind all of our ski boats. Skis are included in each boat rental and you can rent wakeboards, tubes, and kneeboards from us as well. Some people even take small children tubing behind our pontoon boats, which isn't a thrill ride but they enjoy it. We do not allow any towing behind our jet skis.

Is there a damage deposit?
“Yes, there is a $500 damage deposit per waverunner and $1,000 damage deposit per boat that is required on a major credit card and when you return, assuming there is no damage, it will be refunded to your card.